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Retirement Planning

Your Guide to Retirement Planning

We can help you make your retirement planning a priority. Whether you’re just starting out with your retirement plan, are close to retiring, or need help with your income planning strategy during retirement, the team at McCaleb Wealth Management is here to guide you through it. We put our knowledge and experience to good use by helping you understand your options and creating a plan for your financial success. If you are preparing for retirement in or around Northern Arizona, we are your dedicated, local financial advisory firm. 

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How Our Certified Financial Planners© Help with Retirement Planning

On average, individuals spend nearly 40 years working toward the goal of retirement. Managing your retirement goal is ever-changing and requires constant attention. Our retirement strategists actively participate and monitor every phase of retirement, from accumulation to distribution to succession. We will help you understand and select the best investment vehicles for your situation and objectives.

When you work with a Certified Financial Planner©, you’re not just working on your retirement goals. Our services include comprehensive financial planning. This means we’ll help you reduce your tax burden now and in retirement, protect the wealth you’re building, and manage your portfolio to help you reach your investment objectives.

<span style="font-weight: 400;" data-mce-style="font-weight: 400;">How Lifetime Income Planning Works</span>

How Lifetime Income Planning Works

Creating an income stream that will cover both your essential and lifestyle expenses requires careful planning and systematic saving. We are committed to helping you develop a plan that aims to maximize your savings and reduce vulnerability from the unexpected. 

During the retirement years, you’ll want to know how to avoid outliving your wealth. Retirement income planning in with our firm in Pinetop, AZ helps you manage your assets while receiving a regular income stream to cover your expenses. Annuities are a great option for providing a guaranteed retirement income, much like a paycheck. But distribution planning also involves mitigating market risks to protect your nest egg in retirement. 

Use Estate Planning to Leave a Legacy

Our financial advisors can help you with legacy planning. For example, we can use permanent life insurance and other investments to transfer generational wealth according to your wishes. We will also advise you about wills and trusts and the importance of your beneficiary designations.

Retirement Planning Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will My Retirement Savings Last?

How long your savings will last depends on the size of your nest egg, the interest and income your assets earn each year, and how much you need to withdraw to cover your living expenses. We can help you create a retirement income distribution plan to ensure you don’t outlive your wealth. 

How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?

How much money you need to retire depends on several factors. If you want to retire early and travel extensively, you may need more money than if you stayed in the workforce for a few extra years. We can help you calculate how much you need based on your expected living expenses. 

Are There Any Guarantees Available for My Retirement Income?

Yes. You can use annuities to receive a guaranteed retirement income. You may also receive regular Social Security benefits to supplement your income. 

How Is Retirement Money Distributed?

You’re in control of when you receive income from your retirement accounts once you’ve reached the minimum eligible age. We recommend creating an income distribution plan so you don’t outlive your money. One option is to use annuities to provide you with a fixed income source while the remaining assets continue to appreciate. 

Do Retirement Distributions Count as Income?

Generally, yes. However, if you receive distributions from a Roth account, you will not have to pay taxes on that income. Depending on your gross income, you may have to pay taxes on much of your Social Security benefits, too.

How Are Distributions Taxed?

When you receive a distribution from your retirement account, it is considered taxable income. You have to declare that income on your tax return. Income from a Roth account is not taxable. Income from private investment accounts may also be partially taxable.

We Help You Plan for Your Retirement

We’re here to help you prepare for retirement, providing you the peace of mind you deserve. Our comprehensive financial planning services in Pinetop, AZ cover everything from saving for retirement to planning your legacy. Call our team at McCaleb Wealth Management for all your retirement planning needs.