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Retirement Planning

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Creating an income stream that will cover both your essential and lifestyle expenses requires careful planning and systematic saving.  We are committed to helping individual investors develop a plan that aims to maximize their savings and reduce vulnerability from the unexpected. Establishing a plan portfolio will help in choosing and managing investments that will target unique retirement goals and seek to leave a desired legacy.


Business owners face many challenges when creating a strategy that will assist the employees and their families provide for the future and support them in persuing their retirement goals. Employees can be faced with the challenge of saving for a child’s education, buying a home or even caring for aging parents. We can help employers create a strategy designed to help everyone develop a plan for retirement and ease the worry of future financial security.

Financial planning is the compass that sets the course for evaluating the investment options available that will help bring goals and dreams into focus. Our approach to financial planning begins with a personal discussion about your goals and dreams. It’s about where you are today and where you see yourself tomorrow. We are dedicated to helping you prepare for your future, making optimal decisions, projecting the consequences of these decisions and then comparing future performance against that plan.


We take time to develop a complete understanding of who you are, how you perceive finances and what matters most to you.  When you choose McCaleb Wealth Management, you are entering into a very unique long-term relationship.  It’s a relationship that combines financial experience with personal knowledge of your priorities to plan, protect and maintain your vision of the future.